Welcome to YOUR Tech-Toolbox!

What is Tech Tools? Tech tools is a compilation of the best Educational tools and websites that you can find on the Internet! This wiki organizes these sites for you to easily find what you are looking for, gives you summaries of what each of the tools and sites are, gives you ideas on how you may use them in your class, and provides tutorials to help teach you and your students how to use them effectively.

Who is this site for? Everyone! If you are a student, parent, teacher, administrator, ICT coordinator, librarian, or simply someone interested in technology and high-quality resources, you have found it! This site is a bonus if you are involved with elementary education, in an IB School, or are an Apple user (Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad).

Tools to CREATE



Tired of Powerpoint? Welcome to Web 2.0, where
students can demonstrate their understanding using
comic strips, animations, and modern presentation tools!
Interested in making connections? Use
tools to set-up modern-day PenPals within
your community, country, or across the globe!
Think outside of the box and have students sharing
screens, using private chat rooms or using collaborative
workspaces to complete work together.